Does Insurance Cover Braces for Adults?

Does Insurance Cover Braces for Adults?

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Orthodontic treatment most often takes place during the adolescent years. This is because it is most effective when the patient is still growing. However, adult treatment can still be beneficial, and more people are choosing to get braces in adulthood. As a result, the question often arises: does insurance cover braces for adults? Here’s what you need to know. 

Dental Insurance For Orthodontics 

Many dental insurance plans cover orthodontics for dependents under the age of 19. This is because orthodontic treatment typically occurs during childhood or the teenage years. As children grow, orthodontic treatments such as braces and oral appliances can help shift the teeth into the proper position and help with bite alignment. When the jaw is still growing it is easier to reshape and the teeth are not as set in place, making them easier to adjust. 

Insurance coverage for orthodontics may cover a portion of treatment, but most likely not the total cost. Many dental insurance plans do not include orthodontic coverage for adults. 

Braces vs Clear Aligners: Does Insurance Cover Both? 

Many patients wonder if dental insurance covers all types of orthodontic treatment, and in most cases it does. Whether you get braces, clear aligners, or another type of treatment, insurance will typically cover it up to the total amount provided by your plan. 

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment For Adults 

Just because orthodontics may not be covered by your insurance doesn’t mean it's not worth it. Many adults choose to get orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons.

  • Get the treatment you missed out on during childhood. If you did not have the opportunity to get the orthodontic treatment you needed during childhood, adult treatment can still provide the same benefits for you now. 
  • Correct relapses from previous treatment. If you had braces when you were younger and your teeth have shifted back to their previous positions, adult treatment can realign your teeth. 
  • Prevent damage to your teeth. Orthodontic treatment prevents your teeth from wearing down prematurely or cracking under the pressure of a misaligned bite.
  • Improve your smile. Adults often choose to undergo orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Braces

Do adult braces cost more?

Adult braces often cost a bit more than adolescent braces because the overall treatment time is usually longer. Adult treatment takes longer because the teeth are not as easy to shift once they have become set in place over time. 

Can you be too old for braces?

You can never be too old for orthodontic treatment. The benefits of properly aligned teeth can last forever, no matter when you start treatment. 

Are You a Candidate for Adult Braces? 

If you’re considering adult braces, a brief evaluation with Dr. Suzanne Stock can determine if this treatment option would be right for you. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover orthodontic treatment for adults, the benefits are almost always worth the cost. Payment options can make the out of pocket cost of orthodontics more affordable.

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