Dr. Stock’s Summer Photo Contest

DF3 Blog Post

It’s summer again, and that means it’s time for another one of Dr. Stock’s favorite contests, where you can win some amazing prizes and have some summer fun at the same time. This year, Dr. Stock is looking for some amazing photos that are taken by you! So it’s time to start channeling your inner photographer, adjust your shutter speed and exposure settings, or just get out your phone and take some quick snaps.

How The Photo Contest Works

Dr. Stock’s summer photo contest is split up into three separate stages throughout summer; one for each month of June, July, and August. During each month there’s a category that for the kinds of photos that we’ll be looking for. Each person can submit up to three photos for each of the three categories, which will we judge after the due date for each category and determine the winner. The categories and due dates are as follows:

  • Animals – Due June 30th
  • Nature –  Due July 31st
  • City – Due August 31st

After each due date, we will pick our favorite photo submitted and announce the winner on our Facebook page, so make sure that you check our page to see if you won!

What’s The Prize For The Best Photo?

Three categories means three winners, and those winners get a $100 Amazon gift card! It’s $100 to get whatever you want.

How To Enter The Photo Contest

To enter for our contest for any of the categories, just post your photos to our office Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Dr.SuzanneStock, or email your photos to us at info@drssortho.com, and we will post your photos to our Facebook page for you. All you have to do is take those pictures and make sure that you submit them before the deadline for each category!

We can’t wait to see what amazing photos you submit, so get out there and start putting those cameras to work!