Easing the Pain of Shifting Teeth

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Getting braces is an exciting time; it means you’re that much closer to a beautiful, straight smile. Dr. Suzanne Stock, Orthodontist, is proud to offer children, teens, and adults orthodontic treatment like braces and Invisalign. Our Iowa City orthodontist is passionate about big, bright smiles and individualized orthodontic care. Unfortunately, for some patients, during the first few days of getting braces or having their braces tightened, they may experience some minor pain and discomfort due to shifting teeth. Fortunately, our orthodontist and staff have all the tips and tricks to help ease this pain and enjoy your teen or adult treatment.

Oral AnestheticOral Anesthetic

At your local drug store, there are a few oral pain relievers that can be applied directly to your teeth and gums. Our Iowa City orthodontist recommends looking for Orajel or Anbesol. Both are easy to use. You can simply apply the gel on the painful area using your finger. It should help ease the pain of shifting teeth from braces.

Acetaminophen is Your Friend

Acetaminophen is an easy to use over the counter pain reliever that works wonders on braces pain. Simply follow the package instructions for your age, height, and weight, and you should be feeling better in no time.

Ice Can Also Help

Similar to when you have an injury, you can use an ice pack to ease pain and swelling. An icepack on the outside of your mouth can ease discomfort and reduce inflammation.

Eat a Soft Diet

Initially, when you get your braces put on or begin your adult treatment, it may be uncomfortable to chew hard foods. Instead, we suggest sticking to a soft diet like mashed potatoes, pasta, soup, and smoothies.

Drink Lots of Cold Water

It’s important to stay hydrated no matter what, but water can also aid in braces pain. Drinking cold water can help numb your mouth and reduce inflammation.

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If the pain does not subside and it seems like it is only getting worse, please do not hesitate to contact our Iowa City orthodontist. We will get to the root of the issue and ensure your orthodontic treatment is going to plan. Schedule your next appointment today!