Herky on Parade: The Contest

Herky on Parade: The Contest

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Across Iowa City and the surrounding area you may notice a local phenomenon: statues of Herky the Hawk painted in a wide array of colors and costumes in various locations. The 20th anniversary of the event known as Herky on Parade began on May 1, 2024 featuring this year’s new statues and will continue through August.

Our Herky

Dr. Suzanne Stock Orthodontist is a proud sponsor of one of the famed Herky statues called Seasonal Symphony. Our Herky is located in the Green State Credit Union parking lot, on Muscatine Ave, just north of our Iowa City office. If you’re in the area, we invite you to check out Herky and enter our contest.

How To Win

Patients can take a picture with our Herky and post it to your social media with the hashtag #HerkyOnParade and tag @drsuzannestock for Facebook and @drssortho for Instagram. On August 16th we will randomly choose 3 patients who have posted photos of themselves with Herky and award them $100. We are only considering entries that are posted on Facebook or Instagram at this time.

Who is Herky?

Herky the Hawk is the mascot for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. If you are from Iowa City or live anywhere in this general area, you are most likely familiar with Herky. If not, we invite you to get to know our local mascot through Herky on Parade 2024.

The name Herky is short for Hercules, as he was dubbed in 1949 in a statewide contest. The mascot itself, the Hawkeye, was established in 1948. Since then UI and the surrounding community has embraced Herky the Hawk and he has become a local symbol.

History of Herky on Parade

Herky on Parade has been going on in Johnson County since 2004 when the initiative first started, then was reprised a decade later in 2014. Now, as another 10 years has passed, another round of new Herkys have been created.

The Herky statues were designed by regional and local artists. Over 300 entries were received, 100 of which were chosen by a committee of artists to be placed in various locations throughout the area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Herky on Parade: The Contest

Do you have to be a patient of Dr. Suzanne Stock Orthodontist to enter the contest?

The contest is for current patients of Dr. Stock’s office. Former patients and families are welcome to participate in the fun of Herky On Parade, but will not be chosen as a finalist.

Does the photo have to be with the Seasonal Symphony Herky?

We are looking for photos of patients with our sponsored Herky, Seasonal Symphony, located in the Green State Credit Union parking lot, on Muscatine Ave, just north of our Iowa City office. Feel free to take additional pictures with other Herky statues, but be sure to include ours when you tag us.

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