How Long Do Braces Take?

How Long Do Braces Take?

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Braces are the most common orthodontic treatment. Most adolescents will need some form of orthodontic treatment, and braces are effective for the vast majority of cases. More adults are getting braces these days, either because they didn’t have them when they were younger, or because their teeth have relapsed since their treatment earlier in life.

If you or your child are considering braces, you most likely have some questions. A frequent question is: how long do braces take? Find out how long you can expect to need to wear braces in order to achieve the necessary results.

What Are Braces?

Braces are the traditional orthodontic treatment that most people are used to seeing. They consist of brackets that attach to the front side of each tooth and an archwire that connects the brackets together. The archwire exerts force on the teeth to push and pull them into proper alignment. Other orthodontic equipment may be used along with braces, such as chains, rubber bands, and more. Clear brackets work the same way, but are made of ceramic that blends in with your teeth for a more subtle appearance.

Average Length of Braces Treatment

The average length of braces treatment may range anywhere from 1-3 years. The exact length of treatment for an individual depends on a variety of factors, but most patients can expect to wear braces for about 2 years.

Factors That Affect Treatment Time

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the overall length of braces treatment:

  • Age. Age is a factor in the length of braces treatment. Treatment for adolescents may not take as long as adult treatment. This is because adolescents are still growing and their teeth are not as set in place. Adults’ teeth are not as easy to shift because the jaw bone is fully developed and the teeth have been in their current position for longer.
  • Early treatment. If the patient has early treatment before the adolescent years, it can shorten their overall time in braces. Early treatment may involve braces, but for a shorter time than is typically required during adolescence.
  • Compliance. When you first get your braces put on, you will receive a list of foods to avoid that tend to damage braces. If your brackets are frequently coming loose or your wires are getting bent due to eating problematic foods, your treatment may take longer than average. You also need to wear rubber bands according to your orthodontist’s instructions if they are part of your treatment.
  • Severity of your case. Everyone’s orthodontic needs are unique. The severity of your case will be determined by the extent of the adjustments that will need to be made to shift your teeth into the proper position. Severe cases will take longer to correct than mild or moderate cases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Braces

Do braces take longer than clear aligners?

In many cases braces treatment will take longer than clear aligners. However, this is mostly due to the fact that clear aligners are only effective for mild and moderate orthodontic cases. Patients who need braces may need more extensive corrections that could take longer to achieve.

Does dental insurance cover braces?

If your dental insurance includes coverage for orthodontics, braces will most likely be covered. Contact your insurance provider or refer to your benefits guide for more information about your coverage. We do everything possible to maximize your insurance benefits.

Where To Start

If you or your child may need orthodontic treatment, the first step is to schedule a consultation. Dr. Suzanne Stock provides free orthodontic evaluations for new patients to determine if treatment is needed, and the best type of treatment to achieve the desired results.

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