How Much Do Braces Cost For Kids in Iowa City

How Much Do Braces Cost For Kids in Iowa City

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Braces are an excellent investment in your child’s future smile and dental health. They straighten crooked teeth, correct bites and misalignment, fix gaps between teeth, improve speaking and chewing functions, and give your child a healthy, attractive smile that can last for a lifetime.

If you’re considering braces for your child, you may be concerned about costs. The good news is that insurance often covers a large portion of the cost, and many orthodontic practices offer payment plans that put braces within the budget of most families.

What conditions cause kids to need braces?

The main reasons kids need braces are:

  • To correct a problem with the bite (malocclusion). The bite is how your teeth come together when you close your mouth. Malocclusion means that teeth don’t meet or align as they should.
  • To help with crowding. Crowding occurs when the teeth are too big for the space available in the mouth. This can also cause problems with chewing and speech.
  • To treat spacing issues between teeth. Spacing issues can make it hard to brush and floss properly, which leads to tooth decay and gum disease.
  • To improve the appearance of crooked teeth. Crooked teeth can make it difficult for people to smile, speak clearly, or chew normally.

What are the best types of braces for kids?

There are a variety of different kinds of braces, and the type that best fits your needs will be what determines the cost of the total treatment plan and the time involved. The average cost of braces for kids varies on both type and the time you need to wear them. 

We offer a variety of treatments to make your smile its best, with treatments that include:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Invisalign clear aligners
  • Clarity clear braces

What can parents expect to pay for kids’ braces in Iowa City, IA?

Costs vary because of varying needs. And naturally, each child will want a treatment that feels the most efficient, productive, and comfortable for them. But, we understand that you’ll want to consider the cost of each type of braces, too. 

Overall, the out-of-pocket cost depends on:

  • Type of braces
  • Teeth and straightening needs
  • Dental hygiene routine
  • Insurance and financing

Deciding which type of braces is right for your child and what best fits your budget should start with a discussion with your orthodontist. Your dentist will know which type of braces will be both the most effective and the most affordable for you and the reasons for choosing one type of treatment over another.

Dr. Suzanne Stock Can Give Your Child a Smile They’ll Be Proud of at an Affordable Price

Are you worried about how much orthodontic treatment will cost?

If you have orthodontic coverage, we’ll submit a claim to your insurance company on your behalf and inform you of the balance due. The out-of-pocket expense can be paid with no-interest monthly payments after down payment.

If you don’t have orthodontic insurance coverage, Dr. Suzanne Stock’s office offers financing to make the expense of your or your child’s treatment more affordable.Contact us today to schedule a consultation.