How to Care for Your Braces While You’re on Vacation

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Summer’s finally here and for many people that means one thing: vacation time! While vacations are generally a time to relax and set aside all your worries about everyday life, braces are unfortunately one thing that can’t be ignored for very long; they require constant, attentive care. Because of the changes to your regular schedule and habits during a vacation, you may not be able to provide the same care for your braces as you usually do. However, as your provider of braces in Iowa City, Washington, Fairfield, and Williamsburg, Iowa, the team at Dr. Suzanne Stock’s orthodontic practice is happy to give you a few tips on how to best care for your braces while you’re on vacation.

Bring a Travel Kit with You

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to caring for your braces during vacation is to bring a travel kit containing all of your needed dental and orthodontic supplies. You won’t be on your regular schedule and you might not be able to eat and then clean your teeth at normal times. However, by bringing a travel kit with you, you’ll be capable of keeping your teeth clean at all times. Not only will you want to bring supplies for cleaning your teeth, but you should also bring items in case your braces break or become irritating. Some of our recommendations for your travel kit include:

  • A travel-sized toothbrush — let us know if you need one!How to Care for Your Braces While You're on Vacation
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental floss and floss threaders
  • Extra rubber bands or elastics
  • Orthodontic wax
  • A compact mirror

Remember to Avoid Troublesome Foods

When you’re wearing braces, there are certain foods that you’ll need to avoid because of the problems that they may cause. These foods to avoid include hard foods and sticky foods. If you’ve already started your orthodontic treatment with us, you’re well aware of this fact, and you’ve likely already taken precautions and modified your diet to accommodate this. However, when you’re on vacation, your eating habits will likely change, and you won’t be able to adhere to the same eating schedule that you regularly follow. This is why it’s very important for you to pay extra attention when it comes to the foods that you eat while you’re on vacation. Even though it may be incredibly tempting to partake in the local delicacy while you’re away from home, you’ll want to make sure that it’s something that won’t damage your braces first!

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