License Plate Design Contest

DF3 Blog Post

It’s contest time again at Dr. Suzanne Stock’s orthodontics practice! Inspired by the new Iowa license plate design and the contest to choose the best design at the Iowa State Fair, our team decided to put the creativity and imaginations of our patients to the test by holding our own license plate design contest! So it’s time to get your competitive face on and creative juices flowing, so you can have some fun and win some prizes!

How Does The Contest It Work?

We want to see what amazing, new ways that you can come up with to represent the wonderful state of Iowa, so we’ve created a license plate design template that you can customize to your heart’s content. Do you best to channel that Iowa pride!

How To Get The License Plate Template

You can pick up the license plate template at any of our offices in Iowa City, Fairfield, Washington, and Williamsburg, so just stop by your local office or grab one at your next appointment. You can also email us at to request a template.

What’s The Prize?

We love going big with our prizes because it makes sure that all of our contestants bring their A game, and this time we’re reaching to new heights, literally. The winner of this contest will win their very own remote control drone! Come up with your best design and take to the skies!

How To Enter

Just follow these simple steps to join in on our license plate design contest:

  1. Get the license plate template in office or by email at
  2. Create your design
  3. Submit your design at the office or by email

Selecting The Winner

We will be accepting all design submission from now until October 26th, so make sure you get those designs in before the due date. After the 26th, Dr. Stock and her staff will start reviewing all of the designs submitted and vote to select our favorite license plate design to be the winner of the contest and their very own drone!

Fly High With Iowa Pride

If you have any questions about the design contest, rules, or how to enter, just let us know! We look forward to seeing what you cook up with your creativity and imagination! Do your best, win a drone, and explore the skies! Also, make sure that when you win, you have a bright and healthy smile to show off by coming to your regular orthodontic appointments with us!