What to Expect During Your First Days of Braces

What to Expect During Your First Days of Braces

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Getting braces can be very exciting. It is the first step on the road to a straighter, healthier smile. But with the addition of the brackets and wires, you will face a few changes - and a few challenges - that can make getting through the first days a bit tough. 

Don’t worry. The transition to wearing braces will go much more smoothly once you know what to expect. 

Your First Day in Braces

Your time at the orthodontist getting your braces placed should cause you little to no pain. After a few hours, however, the discomfort may settle in. This new hardware in your mouth will take some getting used to. Even learning how to chew with them can be a challenge. 

Make this time a little more enjoyable with the following: 

  • Stick to soft foods, such as mashed potatoes, oatmeal, pasta, yogurt, soups, etc. 
  • If possible, try to eat prior to your appointment or right after, because your teeth will feel sore later
  • If needed, use over-the-counter pain medication to combat any discomfort

Days Two and Three in Braces

There is no denying that you may feel a bit uncomfortable on the second and third day of having your new braces. Your teeth begin to shift and you will feel the pressure from the brackets and archwire. Additionally, areas like the inside of your cheeks and lips will be sore from the new hardware rubbing up against it. This will dissipate in time as your mouth grows accustomed to it. In the meantime, here are a few things you can do: 

  • Place wax on areas of your braces where irritation is being caused
  • Continue to use over-the-counter pain medications to relieve any discomfort
  • Rinsing your mouth with salt water can offer relief from irritation
  • Continue sticking with soft foods

Day Five in Braces

By the time you reach day 5 in braces, your discomfort should have subsided for the most part. You should be pretty accustomed to wearing your braces and doing daily activities like eating and oral hygiene with a little more ease.

To keep your braces healthy and to feel good between appointments, consider the following: 

  • Avoid foods that may be damaging to your braces, such as ice, nuts, sticky candy, whole apples, tough meat, etc.
  • Use wax as needed to cover any areas that may be rubbing or causing irritation

If you continue to get poked or irritated by certain areas, something may need to be adjusted. Make an appointment with Dr. Stock. 

Adjustment Appointments

Once your braces are in place and you have made it through the first few days, it should be smooth sailing going forward. Your adjustment appointments will be set by Dr. Stock, typically at 4- to 6-week intervals depending on your personalized treatment plan. During these visits, your braces will be tightened and you may experience some minor discomfort following the appointment - but nothing like your first days in braces. 

Hang in there. Get through those first 5 days and you are over the hump. The rest is a breeze! 

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