Why Early Orthodontic Treatment Is Important

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When it comes to your child’s teeth and visiting the orthodontist, did you know that earlier may be better than later? According to the American Association of Orthodontists, kids should have an initial orthodontic screening at age seven. Dr. Suzanne Stock, Orthodontist, wants to catch orthodontic issues as soon as possible. Our orthodontic team believes in the power and importance of children’s orthodontics and how it can change their life, so let’s start your child’s early treatment today!

Visiting an Orthodontist for Early Treatment

Our Iowa City orthodontist believes there are several ways that kids can benefit from orthodontic treatment at an early age. It’s important to recognize that early evaluation isn’t necessarily followed by early treatment. In most cases, if orthodontic work is needed, your orthodontist will simply monitor your child’s growth patterns until it’s time for treatment to begin. This gives us an opportunity to get the best results in the most efficient way.

Although every child’s development is different, most kids have their first adult molars by age six. This, along with other developmental markers, lets us get a handle on the basic alignment of the teeth. It may also be possible at this point to determine whether there is adequate room in the mouth for all of the permanent teeth, and if not, to take action.

Why Early Orthodontic Treatment Is ImportantBraces are More Than Straight Teeth

For most parents, when they hear the word orthodontics, they think about braces and straightening a child’s teeth. However, there is so much more to orthodontics than just straight teeth and that’s why early orthodontic treatment is so important! Straight, functional teeth alleviate the following issues:

  • Speech problems
  • Better and easier brushing and flossing
  • Fewer headaches
  • Less tooth and mouth injuries due to poorly fitting sports mouthguards
  • Improved health and less dental problems
  • Easier chewing
  • Less periodontal problems
  • Increased confidence

Increased confidence is probably the most notable benefit of children’s orthodontic treatment. After orthodontic treatment, your child can feel confident and proud of their straight teeth and smile bright!

Schedule an Early Treatment Appointment for Your Child Today!

If your child is approaching 7 years of age or is already there, schedule their first orthodontic appointment. Contact our Iowa City orthodontist for questions or concerns about early treatment and braces. We look forward to hearing from you soon!