Can You Whiten Teeth with Braces On?

Can You Whiten Teeth with Braces On?

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Teeth whitening is a commonly requested treatment. Many people want to have a whiter smile, and teeth naturally become dull or stained over time due to the foods and beverages we consume. Braces can increase teeth staining due to the food particles that get trapped in them. 

Can you whiten teeth with braces on? Find out more about teeth whitening with braces. 

What Are Braces? 

Braces are the most common, most versatile orthodontic treatment. The majority of patients can have their teeth corrected with braces. Metal and clear braces consist of brackets, tiny square-shaped pieces that attach to the front of each tooth. An archwire connects the brackets and shifts the teeth into proper alignment. 

Teeth Whitening While Wearing Braces

It is possible to have your teeth professionally whitened while wearing braces. The whitening agent can be applied to the teeth around the brackets to remove stains that have developed. 


  • Your smile will look brighter. 
  • Stains that form around your braces are removed. 
  • Clear brackets are less noticeable when your teeth are whiter. 
  • Your teeth look cleaner and healthier. 


  • The only potential drawback to getting teeth whitening treatment while wearing braces is that the color of your teeth may be uneven when the brackets are removed. The teeth under the brackets may not be as white as your newly whitened teeth. However, this can usually be evened out with additional teeth whitening treatment after you get your braces taken off. 

Alternatives to Professional Teeth Whitening 

Professional teeth whitening provides the most effective results, giving you dramatically whiter teeth in as little as one treatment. But when it comes to teeth whitening with braces, it may be better to use products that provide less dramatic results. Whitening toothpaste can remove surface stains and whiten your teeth a shade or two. This will most likely help you avoid a visible outline where your brackets were. You can also try whitening wands that allow you to apply the whitening agent around your braces

Alternatives to Braces 

If you are concerned that braces will cause your teeth to develop stains unevenly, consider clear aligners as an alternative. Clear aligners are removable for brushing, flossing, and eating, reducing the chances of developing stains on your teeth. Your teeth can also be whitened at any point during your clear aligner treatment, either professionally or with over the counter products. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Will professional teeth whitening make my teeth sensitive? 

Mild sensitivity is a common side effect of professional teeth whitening. It will typically subside in a few weeks. Using sensitive teeth toothpaste can provide faster relief. 

Is teeth whitening safe for my teeth and braces? 

Professional teeth whitening treatment is safe for both your teeth and your braces. It is effective, but gentle, removing stains without damaging your enamel or your brackets. 

Do You Need Orthodontic Treatment? 

If you or your child may need orthodontic treatment, schedule an evaluation today with Dr. Suzanne Stock. All children should have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7 to determine if orthodontic treatment is needed. 

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